With the kindness of strangers…

picture-day2That is how Ally and I are going to make it thru this journey 🙂 so far the French have been wonderful… On our first day the countries we have met people from so far are Austria, Canada, USA, Holland, Spain, Italy, and even Australia! We are all here for the same purpose some going to Santiago others just walking for a week or two – everyone in high spirits on the first day everyone happy to help you 🙂

When reading about the Camino EVERYONE SAYS THE FIRST DAY IS THE HARDEST – and they are not lying!!! WOW so much relief and pride to see the end insight.

Today took us on our biggest climb – imagine the steepest part of FED HILL in Wodonga it’s steep and hard but you see the top from the bottom – short and sweet… Now imagine that part for 10 KM straight and that was the first part we walked today – determination water hydrolites mints and Ally detouring 1/2 K off the trek to a local farm in search of water so I didn’t die (I’m being over dramatic) got us thru oh AND the view. The sights are beautiful the people friendly and after 8 hours trek I’m here sitting watching the washing dry with about 5 different languages speaking around me 🙂

Oh and a KIT KAT – this Alberge is amazing – a million choices in their vending machines so happy right now.

Well off to dinner at one of the local 3 restaurants €10 will get us 3 courses with a bottle of wine 😉

Until next time
Buen Camino


  1. Hi Girls, sounds like you are in amongst angels there 🙂 keep us posted I love reading the reports ….
    Love to you both, Michele

  2. 2days down, so proud girls xxx

  3. Phil and Karen Chamberlain says

    Good work ladies

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