Where are my ear plugs?

Kelly & Ally

We are spreading the word of Chicks Walk for a Cause ๐Ÿ™‚
Last night after another fabulous dinner cooked by Kelly (no dishes for me!) and shared with our new Italian and German friends we sat around talking about the reasons we are walking, our FB likes jumped a few more with Ruth getting on to check us out (thanks Ruth Tina & Marco)

VillafrancaYou soon loose time when you are making new friends, and we got rushed off to bed when curfew had arrived – looking forward to a good nights sleep in a room with just 4 beds (OMG the luxury) our room mate proceeded to tell us in sign language and sound effects (she was Spanish and knew no English) that she seemed to snore… And she offered us ear plugs… Not a good sign…

For the last 24 days I’ve been completely jealous of Ally and her amazing ability to sleep solidly every night – until now. Not happy Jan. Even worse as I sit here after walking 25km today in the hot hot SOL the same lady has turned up here!!! Eric scouted the place and we have strategically hid our selves on a corner probably the furtherest corner away from the Snorer! Vino a necessity tonight to help us sleep…

So as I said today saw us walk 25km heading to Villafranca del Belizo with temperatures reaching 35+ we are pretty excited we made it without collapsing…

CastleWe must have been delirious as we sung Mary Poppins in English, Spanish & Dutch… The scenery has turned into vineyards again and the relief of shade is spotted along the way (thank god) the breeze is hot – but it’s a breeze so lets be thankful for that.

The after walk necessities can be found in Villafranca, cold beer, good food and wifi (Eric is happy) made new German friends and Sebastian from France who we have seen along the way joined us for a long over due catch up over pizza and sangria and a lot of laughs.

We opened the guide for tomorrow’s trek and one sentence reads:
“This stage represents one of the steepest of the whole pilgrimage…”
So of course we are so excited about that! Early start because its gonna get hot again and 30+ km’s up a mountain us going to take awhile.. Wish us luck!



  1. Russell Wood says

    Good luck on that hot big hill. Have been loving reading your blogs keep going girls. Your doing great!!

  2. You can do it! So close now girls

  3. Chris n BarbKeep says

    Keep those great blogs coming. We love them. It,s not long to go now, Keep enjoy the rest of it Lu Barbie xxx

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