The Way…

the way featureSo some of you have now seen the movie that has inspired our walk. Thank you all for comming to our movie afternoon. BIG thanks to Regent Cinemas for the generous donation of cinema, staff, movie, catering!!

The afternoon was wonderful, and a great time for us to say hello and thanks for supporting us in person – we hope you enjoyed a glass of vino from Rutherglen Estates (Thanks Phil)

All who attended have helped us raise over $3,000 this afternoon!! Plus the raffle on the day (Congratulations to those who won)You have pushed us over the $20,000 mark!

I hope you all loved the movie, and for those who will be following us on our blog as we trek, you will have some idea of what we are doing 🙂

Don’t worry – if they so don’t walk that way… we won’t! AND I won’t take my pack off on the edge of a bridge.

Not long now till we take off..

Buen Camino!


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