The next adventure…

Ally and I are excited to start planning Way to Everestour next Chicks Walk for a Cause adventure!

We are hoping to raise money for another fantastic local cause and also challenge ourselves again physically and mentally…

So it looks like in 2015 we are walking up a mountain! Mt Everest that is!!

Look forward to bringing you more information in the months to come…

Your support and encouragement long the way made such a difference to our Camino so we can’t wait to hear, see and show your support for this next walk.

WOW – exciting times ahead! Who wants to come???



  1. Hey ladies! I was just getting nostalgic so I thought I would pop over to your blog and what a treat to find this!!! I’m glad you two will have another amazing adventure 🙂

  2. Emma Liston says

    Wow!!! You ladies ROCK!! Blown away by your commitment to helping others and challenging yourselves along the way!! Very proud to say I know you both! Can’t wait to see the next update. Love Em & Kat.

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