Sunflowers & Blisters

Arm Wrestle

WOW so much to say and I don’t know where to start… Maybe with the fact that I just beat Canada at an arm wrestle!! 😉

So it’s been a while since I last blogged, and we have been walking still (that bit doesn’t change) some days better than others that’s for sure.

SunflowersFrom going to the most strict Albergue where the host is obviously only in it for the money…  to sitting around a large table in an Albergue on top of a hill in a little place called Hermanillos de la Calzada and there are about four of us here all writing in diaries about our journeys so far. ..

Since we last left I’ve seen one of my most beautiful daily sites : fields and fields if sun flowers 🙂 the Meseta (desert) was not going to hold a lot for us but it was definitely a surprise. Yes it has the hard hard way of unending roads if white gravel that seem to lead to to nowhere… A harsh sun above, but a welcoming breeze just when you’ve had enough. Some days where paved with what seemed like the bottom of a dry creek bed others the soft red dust… Just walking to the horizon in front was what we set out to do because unlike before there are long stretches of road with no villages in front to set your sights on.

Portable First Aid StationIt’s the people you  met on the road that make this journey and we’ve met some new friends and caught up with old ones again 🙂 it’s so exciting to see someone again! We’ve only known them for 24 hours and then 5 days down the track you run into them again! Our Dutch friend Erik has kept us entertained for the last 3 days 🙂 God love him cause we do!!! We caught up with the pommy Jim who is still soldering (his knee is better but now his shin is bad…) and Michelé from Italy has got every pilgrims worst nightmare the mother of all blisters on his big toe! He is suffering 🙁 the locals are so friendly and at each Albergue they pull out their first aid kit and fix you up… Give you instructions in Spanish on how to care for them and send you on your way.

Pilgrim FriendlyWe’ve heard some horror stories, a girl who got 14 blisters!! She had to rest for 2 days. A guy whose shins were so swollen they became infected and he had to go to hospital – he is still determined to finish the walk thou…

Then there are the other type of stories, there’s a chick from Lithuania who did a mammoth 47km one day, she was going to sleep for 3 hours and then start again!! She wants to get home to see her peppermint bloom??? The Dutch couple who quit their jobs, walked out the front door of their house and have been walking to Santiago since, 3.5 months down and another month to go…

We’ve been happy with our 26 – 28km days with a few 30+ days thrown in – and the absolute pleasure of a 19km day thrown in soon….


Wrong Way Go Back!

More Sunflowers


  1. The Bali Davis' says

    Keep going Girls. Still enjoying your adventures. We are all in bed in our hotel room in Kuta & MD is reading today’s blog to us all before we go to bed. Loving the stories.
    PS Paige didn’t quite make it to the end of this one, she’s snoring her head off after a big day at the Waterbom. As for tomorrow, Coop is looking forward to surfing lessons & Flis is looking forward to Potato Head!

  2. Love reading these! They say strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet, and I love hearing about the people you are meeting and the friends you are making. I still can’t wait to see you and hear all the other stories in between 🙂 keep going ladies, so very proud of you xxxx

  3. barb n chris says

    Good to see you are still having a great time. Let us know where you are when you post each blog, then we can follow you on the map. Love you both. Go chicks.

  4. Michele Yonson says

    love the photos & stories, keep it up

  5. an_aussie_in_sweden says

    Oh girls Love reading the stories, and why people are doing it and what keeps them going. It is quite emotional as well. We just kayaked around some islands in the swedish archipelago this weekend and our bodies ache all over, i have no idea how your bodies are coping with the long days, I’m so impressed with your incredible efforts. I hope the donations are still flooding in during your adventure. keep up the awesome pace girls. xxx

    • Kelly Davis says

      Thanks lovely I don’t know how our bodies are keeping up either!! It’s been great thou still amazing every day xxx miss you

  6. Did you really beat this guy in an armwrestling match?

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