One More Sleep

Heading in the Right Direction
So it has been a few days since our last blog… A few milestones have been met… I’ve been contemplating what to write – lots of thoughts and conversations to be told.

50kmWe hit the 50km to go mark yesterday – it was met with excitement, sadness and anticipation ๐Ÿ™‚ we are so excited about making it to the finish but at the same time we don’t want it to end…

Who would’ve thought 752km ago that we would have made it?!!? We had our doubts, days and hills come to mind where we both thought what the hell are we doing?!!?

Michelle has mastered the art of taking her jumper off while still walking and keeping her backpack on – it is a true art ๐Ÿ™‚

We managed to catch up with Benz our Hungarian friend for lunch and that was a great afternoon! Plus thru FB and messages we’re excited about seeing more familiar faces at the end – thou we have stopped travelling together we all seem to be arriving a day or 2 apart! Look out Santiago there will be some celebrating coming!!

Eric made it to Santiago! So proud of our little Camino brother.

We attempted an early early morning start with the aid of the torch – I’m glad it’s near the end so we don’t have to do the again too soon.

We went for a walk one night (you’re surprised I know) to catch up with some friends at a different Albergue – 1.5km up the road was a no brainier for us… That’s a big change as at home you’d jump in a car!! (How is my UP going??)

PulpoOver dinner of pulpo (the local delicacy – octopus) we discussed with Roman and Pope Benedict (that’s how he introduced himself: Benedict “like the pope”- so it stuck) we asked each other what has happens to us this far? Our top 3 monuments and moments couldn’t be reduced so they are now our top 5 ๐Ÿ™‚ plus how is this journey changing us? None of us really know, I guess we have to wait till we are home to see what it is…

The Disney Caminos have scattered the last few days, especially today, the heavens opened up and for 20odd kilometres we walked in the rain – not good weather for the Disney peeps I bet they just jumped in the bus for a ride to the next town… but that left us to the peace of the Camino – opening our thoughts and minds to wander.

After about 15 km Ally and I chatted for a bit, I asked her how her morning had been with the rain and all? Her reply was positive – being our last full day of walking and the last day before Santiago she saw the rain as a refreshing, cleansing sign getting us ready for the next day …

Bridge CrossingI on the other hand, was not so positive, I couldn’t believe Spain had turned on me… The previous night I had shared my beds with some bugs that had left me itchy, and scratchy, and wondering why me?? Then the rain came and I was thinking what else!! What else could happen??

It was great to get 2 different perspectives on the same situation ๐Ÿ™‚ I quickly embraced Ally’s theory, and changed my tune to get outta of my funk.

So finally after 30 odd days I got to use my poncho that I’ve been carrying around ya! Trudging thru mud, and little rivers that were forming on the up hill slopes made for yet another new trek to walk on… The scenery is different yet again and the excitement can be felt thru all peregrinos (Disney or authentic) about how close the end is ๐Ÿ™‚

With 46km till Santiago we set off today with the mind set of achieving 30km day giving us a quick trek in the morning to our destination… After a coffee stop to dry off and get another delicious chocolate croissant,ย  and a 25min wait to use the single loo for sooooo many people… We walked past our planed stop and just kept walking!

We said we would never do a 40km day.. But here on our last full day we did a mammoth 41km!!! Wow I betcha wondering why we stopped so close? That’s easy – we want to cherish and have our own moment when we reach Santiago – not a late arvo trudge with sweaty clothes, sore feet and tired eyes… So we have managed to find a bed in what I think is the biggest Albergue on the Camino with a whooping 500 beds! Just shy of 5 from the finish I wonder how well we will sleep tonight??

One more sleep

Buen Camino


  1. well done Kelly and Ally !!!!
    Cant wait to see you soon xoxox

  2. an_aussie_in_sweden says

    OH babes i will walk with you in spirit around Stockholm tomorrow. i hope you have had the best nights sleep and wait for your post on the final leg. so excited and happy that you are near the end. what a journey. something to be proud of girls, you have done a tremendous job. and !Hola Santiago De Compostella. xxx

  3. Sooo close!! Kell I love how you changed your thinking to get you through..powers of the mind! Savour every minute girls..what an awesome achievement. Oh and I want one of those choc chroissants!!
    Bron xxxx

  4. Phil and Karen Chamberlain says

    Fantastic girls, 747klm, 5 to go…I’m sweating thinking about it. Well done. Enjoy Santiago, enjoy the moment. See you soon
    Phil & Karen

    • Kelly Davis says

      Thanks Phil and Karen – just want to note that it is now 797km down and 5 to go!!!!
      Dont short change us!!
      See you for a wine to celebrate soon x

  5. chris & barb says

    bad luck about the UP – mum says you can’t have it back. WOW! almost there. Can’t wait to see you and we know you both will enjoy the finish of a wonderful journey.

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