Starting today was not good…. I could find my tape for my feet… My pack wasn’t sitting right on my back… And our sticks had disappeared!!! What!

Ally and I set off struggling with the thought of travelling without our support crew (our sticks) I couldn’t get comfortable my back feeling strange, Ally saying the same with hers… It was not looking to be a happy 20km trek.

Leaving our loving host Parko and the comfort of our Albergue the SOL (sun) must have felt our unease as he allowed cloud cover and cool breeze to provide some comfort however not seeing the sun rise like normal added to the list of hardship for today..

signThen came the time to stuck it up and just keep walking, our first hill (with no stick). Reaching the top we can see in the distance our next stop a small town with a big church (like all small towns here) called Viana 10km away with the hope of good kafé.

Up and down we walked both swapping horror stories of what may have happened to our support crew… When in silence a familiar sound of click click could be heard???

We both ponder the thought – could it be??? We pick up the pace and see a few pilgrims all with sticks up ahead – they sound like ours… Didn’t we see them yesterday with no sticks? Ally us comparing height and colour – very FBI like coming to the conclusion that we have confirmation – pilgrims have ‘acquired’ our sticks! ‘

The challenge is catching them, the hills are steep and they have the help of sticks… Finally they stop for a break and we have the chance to catch up.

We have practised our diplomatic approach, as with any pilgrims innocent till proven guilty… ‘Hola’ is always a nice opening…

beautifulcityThe 2 girls from Netherlands were happy to have found the sticks owners! They were at the end of their beds (yes – which was also next to mine…) and with no bags with them (yes, our bags were in lockers) they thought they had been forgotten and were going to reunite them with the owners at the next stop. Truth be told we would’ve done the same 🙂 but who cares! We got our support crew back and blitz the morning 10kms.

Relaxing at Viana and fruit packed for our snack – sticks in hand we set off for our stop today Logroño another 11-12km away and seem from the top of the hill as we leave the town.

It’s comforting to see your destination in the distance 🙂 your goal is set and looks attainable.

A few days when you don’t see where your headed can bring you down a bit because you start to feel heavy in the foot and you mind starts to complain where are you going and how much further??? You can’t count on the signs posted on the camino either one might read 8.7km to go then you walk for an hour to discover the next one says 8.3km to go!!

We hit Logroño is good time, find our bed for the night (€10) and discover a beautiful old city 🙂 a lovely afternoon to have distracting us from our 31+km trek tomorrow…

Let’s not dwell on that – that’s tomorrow 🙂 until then Buen Camino


  1. Too funny – good news on finding your sticks! Though Im sure not for ylou guys. Good luck on tomorrows adventures x

  2. Now Ally I are you wearing socks with sandles …..

  3. Felicity & Marcus & Cooper & Paige Davis says

    So glad you got them sticks back!! I can imagine how this would play with your brains!!
    Good luck with 31+km tomorrow. We will be thinking of you as we do our 9.6 km, “…navigating through 33 rapids set to a backdrop of wild unspoiled rainforest, towering gorges and magnificent rice paddy terraces…” – yes we are going white water rafting!!!

  4. Go girls!! So glad you got your friendly sticks back…keep going you are making history…and fabulous memories!!! I should have taught you the meditation walk…I’m going to inbox you so check your FB. Although I have had wine so I’m not sure how clear the instructions will be. xxxxxx

  5. Great work girls. We are loving the stories and pics. Look after those trusty sticks !!

  6. chris & barb says

    Go,chicks,go. You two are awesome. We are so proud of you. keep up the stories because we are travelling with you.

  7. Lucky for those girls they gave up the sticks without a struggle lol!! Loving your adventures; as Dory would say if she was on the Camino “Just Keep Walking” xxx

  8. Hello ladies, the stories of this wonderful adventure are awesome to read. Thank you for taking us along with you.

  9. Hi girls love catching up with all your news each day fantastic effort well done so far

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