Its’ Hot then it’s Cold

I’m laying in a hotel room. There is only 2 beds, and our own private bathroom – oh and towels 🙂 towels can you believe it!!!!

We have trekked to the highest point on the Camino they were right when they say strenuous day.. But spectacular views! We actually care about that part now we have a bed for the night (wait not bed – but room!) we hiked into O Cebreiro and were met with the dreadful call at the Albergue Completo (full!) As were all the hostels… I proceeded to walk into each place seeing if they can fit just one person… Eric ran down to another hostel to see their verdict, Ally has phoned ahead to see if the next town can fit us (no – Completo) then she asked at the pub – in broken English she heard double room €40… So when in Spain with no bed, no town centre & no tent – splurge! €20 ea got us a room, bed, private bathroom WITH towels and no snoring 🙂

The SOL shone on our walk today with most of it being flat until the last 10km where it goes from up up up.

FriendsEric does what it does best and picks up the pace and forges ahead with his  disappearing stick (it’s getting shorter and shorter with each tap – but the connection has been made, I don’t think he can give it up… Unless there is a really short person he can pass it on too) Michelle got a taste of what we had 20 odd days ago in the Navarra country… And Ally and I thanked Ranier again for telling us to get sticks 🙂

We thought of stopping at La Faba (but I couldn’t find the Albergue) plus the steep ascent wasn’t too bad… So we move on to Laguna another 3km where the ascent got worse and the Albergue full… So no choice but to head to O Cebreiro – and we know that it had a happy ending 🙂

With 2 of the 3 after walk necessities met (sorry Eric no wifi) we check out the church & mass was happening so we didn’t stick around. Saw the monument for the man that every pilgrim loves Don Elias Valiña Sampedro – he is the one that came up with the yellow arrows along the route – if they weren’t on the trek I think there would be still pilgrims trying to find their way out here from 50yrs ago… (Thanks Don) and then there was the view – beautiful xxx

MistySo another day comes and we are now starting to wish they would slow down (sorry gang loving it over here and we are not wanting it to end) morning can hardly be seen with the mist that blankets the mountain peaks, positive people would say its a fresh morning – I’m realistic I’m saying its cold! And here is Eric walking in a singlet – don’t worry he said once we start ill warm up…

Once we start the wind follows us across the trek whistling in our ears and howling thru the fields – it’s strong and you start to wonder if anyone has been blown off the mountain before??? As light appears the view is beautiful again our photos cannot do it justice 🙂 it’s funny that you take one pic walk around a corner and the view is better so you take another… We will bore you all with them when we are back.

A looming grey statue appears thru the mist this morning a pilgrims monument… Ally and I take it in – another moment in this epic adventure.

ViewAfter about 10km we start to go down… Something we have all been anxious about because we knew it was coming. Talk about anti climax, yes it was steep and went for 7km but we must be getting hard because I thought it was going to be worse (flashes of Roncesvalles come to mind). You wanted to get down quick as in the rural area the spell was not the type you wanted to keep around…

We made it to our stop in Triacastela (the town of 3 castles – none of which we have seen yet??) necessities have been met and the supermarket for supplies needs to be found 🙂

Another day awaits with yet another hill to climb over and more of this gorgeous country to be seen…

Until then
Buen Camino


  1. Phil and Karen Chamberlain says

    Looking good Ladies, keep up the great work.
    Phil & Karen

  2. Wow, great blog article. Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged. Ranee Franklyn Bartle

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