It just gets better – or worse..

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All you need at the end of the day is big beer, good food, and wifi ๐Ÿ™‚ that’s what Eric has just proclaimed and all of us laugh and agree.

Eric has just appeared in Froncebedon!! (I have seriously spelt that wrong – I haven’t the guide book with me) He has walked a mammoth 57km in one day to catch up with us!!! Well maybe not just us, I’m pretty sure Fran had something to do with that…

photo (24)So we’ve had a mammoth time walking over 52km in the last two days we’ve initiated Michelle into the Camino way all at once! She is coping well ๐Ÿ™‚

Last night we spent in Froncebedon (again spelt wrong) in this Albergue that provide a communal meal – too tired for anything, we joined the group for a delicious paella!! OMG the best we have had! The photos do not do it justice – so good. We’ve decided we won’t loose wait on this trip we are enjoying to food and vino too much ๐Ÿ™‚

With Eric surprise walk in to the Albergue (he said he was just listening out for 2 loud Aussies in each place he stopped – umm so not us) and an amazing meal, we settled in to listen to our host set up and play fantastic local music as the night came in.. Such a great night (although Eric wouldn’t agree – being so late there were no beds.. He was stuck in a tent next to a donkey…)

photo (25)Morning came at 6am with our start to the Iron Cross – we were both very anxious about this part, as our expectations had been set – as this would be one of our highlights of our adventure. It came into view as the sun rose, a moment that neither of us well forget. I left a bit of myself at that place – and a bit of my family. Ally took a moment with both her professional and personal family. It takes a lot to bring Ally to tears…

It’s strange to watch other pilgrims react to this monument – some so unaware of its significance, others taking a quiet moment to search for the perfect spot for their stone… A very natural emotional environment for this journey.

If you get the chance to do this – I say do it. And look out for pink, blue & orange pebbles clumped together at the base. Then you’ll know i’ve been there too.

photo (28)Our Italian friend Marco warned us on the hard trek down we’d face today and how bad it was (his words were The Worst!) – Marco was right. After making it up up up to the highest peak of the Camino at (1550m) the sharp declined slowed us down sooo much ๐Ÿ™ very little conversations happened as we had to concentrate on what we were doing!

The false sense of hope you get when the path flattens out is quickly gone when another steep decent appears full of sleek rocks and pebbles and gravel to overcome – If I haven’t said it before I love my stick – it gets me out of some hard times (especially today)

We have headed into Pomferdom (again don’t trust my spelling) with the Knights of the Templar Castle to explore…

Tomorrow sees us doing over 30km again in heat that will be 30+… But let’s not dwell on that now, we are just sitting here enjoying our big beer, good food & wifi ๐Ÿ™‚

We will keep you posted!!
Buen Camino

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  1. good work chicks!!!

  2. Those pink, orange and blue stones would make the site of the iron cross even more beautiful – thanks for doing that Kel xxxx

  3. The boys are excited that their rocks found their place at The Cross & into history. Thanks Mum & Kel xx

  4. Paige davis says

    Were those stones paddy, ollie and pollys? I miss you lots :] xxxooo

  5. Nat, Greg, Riley, Phoenix, Sienna, Indi & Levi says

    You are inspirational aunty Kel. We are so, so proud of you. Keep hold of that stick and keep going. Hello Ally. Well done to both of you. M
    iss you lots and lots of boats and stars and moons and everything. X Nat, Greg, Riley, Phoenix, Sienna, Indi, Levi, Jessie, Bryce and Nixon XXX

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