Explaining the rules of AFL….

afl3Our night in Zubiri was a good one with new friends and learning new cultures.. We found an Albergue for only €8 set up showered the hills off us, and showed some love for our feet…

afl2There was a Spaniard, an Aussie, & a German at a bar…. Yep sounds like a joke but that was us!! Only 2 Aussies in this scene. And over dinner and a few bottles of the local wine no subject of conversation was left untouched!

What a good night – you’ll see some pics here of me explaining where we live in Australia – I drew a map on the serviette,  much to the amusement of Ally and you could clearly see our beautiful country 🙂 which lead to the question what is Australia’s favourite sport (open to a lot of opinions) I said AFL which lead to a million questions about this! Talk about funny  – I don’t think Ally stopped laughing at my attempts! Don’t worry Australia I converted 2 foreigners to our sport 🙂

afl1Wine makes you sleepy.. Or it might be the combination of wine and 8 hours of walking which does that – either way with ear plugs in (a must in this style if accommodation) we hit the bunks early for an early start to beat the Spanish sol (sun)

Today we made it to Arre a little town outside Pamplona an easy 18 km day after such a mammoth start. Feet are getting used to punishment – we had hills, valleys, rivers, bridges, cobblestones and quaint little villages dotted along the track kept our senses alive 🙂

Note to self – stop and look around – this place is beautiful xxx

An afternoon searching thru this little town for anything to do – eat – or drink was an adventure in itself! The San Fernin Festival is in full swing so that means most (all) shops restaurants and bars shut for 5 or 6 days!! Even the ones selling stuff for San Fernin! We did find a lollie shop open and our new American friend Jamie shouted us a drink at the only bar open 🙂 plus a photo opportunity with some nuns…

Well time to get our red sash and head to Pamplona!
Bull fight tomorrow!
Buen Camino


  1. Me again :p
    Love reading your bits. Good to see you ladies are enjoying this. And ABSOLUTELY take the time to stop and look……. Write more soon please !!!

  2. Tracey Spencer says

    I’m in awe that you can drink red wine, get up early and walk all day…and then find the energy to write out it at night….you go girls!! xx

  3. Sooooooooooooo! jealous. Looks fabulous but hard work. Go girls

  4. an_aussie_in_sweden says

    why am i not doing this with you… those feet were made for walking…

  5. Go Chicks! Enjoy every step. I’m really proud of you both. Fantastic stuff.

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