Don’t Steal My Underpants

3-wineOne part of the Camino that you love is hearing stories from other pilgrims 🙂 after a day of walking you see new and familiar faces at the Albergue you pick for the night… You grab a bottle of vino for €3 and you catch up with your new friends swapping stories from today and your travels so far 🙂

Like the couple who had underwear stolen on their first night in St. Jean only to be reunited again in Roncesvalles when the American he had spoken to the night before about why someone would steal underwear and socks.. Realised he had “accidentally” acquired his…

Or the Galician teacher who joins us around the pool (did you like how I just throw that in there) who is trekking home on the Camino telling us tips and stories of what lies ahead…

We also met Michelé from Italy on our way today who walked with us for some time, in advertising too he is not currently working so he is walking instead 🙂

Though we are all from different countries we all have something in common whether it is language, work, interest or just the fact that we are walking the Camino.

path-beside-roadLeaving Santo Domingo early this morning it was looking to be an easy 23km – however with half the trek running along side the main highway it is hard to get into the normal peaceful rhythm you usually find out here – though we did find a toilet and rated it a 9.5 out of 10 which out here is pretty massive. It had a seat which means it starts at a 5…

Spotted along the track were quaint little villages (one with the most amazing warm chocolate croissant) that we were excited to pass thru as it meant we were closer to our destination Belorado… And our Albergue with a pool! Ya, another icy cold pool to soak sore feet and tired legs 🙂 it’s the small things..

Tomorrow sees us on a looong climb up to St. Juan de Ortega or maybe if we can reach the town of Ages instead (let’s hope it’s not too old – maybe just a 15th century church unlike the 11th century one we saw today…)

Who knows, I’ll keep you posted – in a few days as with population of 50 in these towns I doubt there is free wifi…

Buen Camino


  1. Check out that pool! I bet it was well deserved! You go girls! We’re “rooting” for you xxxxx

  2. Phil Chamberlain says

    Well done ladies, not long to go now.

  3. chris & barb says

    Keep up your stories, It makes me feel we are with you both loving it, Can’t wait for the next story,

  4. The Bali Davis' says

    Well, we were in the same century as you girls were today – visiting 11th centre Balinese temples. Keep trekking, tonight we read about your day’s adventure while overlooking Ubud from the balcony of a Cuban cafe. Can’t wait to read about your next chapter.

  5. Helen Murray says

    Well done Kelly and Ally – If you are not recording the stories that are told, next best thing put them in writing, mmmm a book – perhaps your next venture.

    Enjoying your hearing about your trek.

    Take care

  6. Hope the feet are okay girls, you’re doing an awesome job! Wishing I was there…

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