Breakfast with Peaches & Chilli


We left the quiet streets of Obanos early, heading into Puente La Reiena for breakfast – a delightful bakery with good kafé con leché (coffee with milk) and a disgruntled employee who obviously didn’t like working that early…

Things were looking up when our German friend rocked up with his travelling companions Peaches and Chilli the donkeys! They have been travelling on foot from Germany already for 2 1/2 months.. Peaches took a particular liking to me and my kafé and I think we made friends to meet further along the road.

Well it’s time to start walking… With no love from the Spanish sun and a few hills to conquer we set our positive thoughts on reaching one of our exciting milestones… Fuente de Vino!! The wine fountain!! Now just 24km to get there…

dont-stop-til-santiagoThere is a lot to think about when your walking, and your well wishes and supporting messages are awesome to ponder… Some of you have even said you wish you were here with us!
Let me tell you why you glad your aren’t:
1. Spanish SOL (sun) it’s hard it’s hot and it blisters your skin…. (One cannot wear enough sunscreen) it always looks like you’re wearing socks even if you are not.
2. You become puffy in Spain – cankles are the norm here and some how the bones in your wrist disappear!!! What wrists…
3. Beds are limited… More about that later.
4. Gravel and boulders and white roads… Some villages help you along the way by providing a white concrete path full of uneven boulders… Then you hit a river of gravel about 8 layers thick, I’m not sure which one is worse
5. What goes up up up for a long time, goes down really quickly AND steeply.

So these are the things we consider as we walk along a path, trek, road whatever we call it, it is forever changing and it has only been 154km 🙂

Buen  Camino!


  1. only 154km!!? Seriously that is awesome…sounds like such an amazing adventure. Loving the updates. Love the Dont STOP sign!! Go you good things xxxxxx

  2. You girls are fabulous. It sounds like you are having fun.
    Love the donkey!!! Super cute. 2 and a half moths already WOW!!! Do they have sore feet!?
    I look forward to hearing about all the people you are meeting… and more about bulls please.
    Trudge on… or skip! Skipping is fun.
    Love you xxx

  3. Honest feedback Kelly, I love it. The movie The Walk didn’t depict how tough it is (other than his son dying – duh).

    Tell Kelly we’re doing a silent auction on the voucher to maximise what we can get for you both.


  4. Hello girls! Keep that SPF 30+ up!!! Lucky ol whitey isn’t there with you! Love love

  5. The Davis' says

    Hello there from Ubud, Bali!!! We had a little trek today and were thinking of you along the way. But our measely 10k through the jungle & rice paddies ended at Kas Kafe with a coffee & a cool drink & the kids feeding the fish in the ponds surrounding our personal bungalow. We then returned back into Ubud to lunch & Bintangs at the three monkeys!! Again overlooking rice paddies. The braided Paige says, “only 600km to go! And I miss you lots.” Coop on the other hand doesn’t have much to say, other than, “your doing a great job, keep it up!”. And he missed you lots too. All the best, keep trudging, we are all very proud of you.

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