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Kelly PastaToday starts early with the benefit of everyone in our room wanting to get up at the same time… We are heading to Barbadelo – our guide says to stop in Sierra but the Dutch guide says 5km after that so today we are following the Dutchman (boy).

With a banana to fuel us till our coffee stop 9km down the road we hit our first decision 1km in – left or right??? Right it is (it’s 5km shorter…) and that also means up up again. The over hanging trees and the lush green fields around us make you think how the Meesta seems so long ago… The trek thou stony and rough is not dreadful and the path snakes up the mountain till its time to snake down again – The crew from Mansilla have caught us and we chat about what the Camino has done to us…

Water FountainBlisters, snore knees (no, not mine – touch wood) shin splints, mine games, sun bur
n, lost weight (again not us) friends, family, happiness and disappointment – it is strange that everyone doing the same thing has such different views – but that is humanity isn’t it…

Sierra came quickly and a quick shop left me feeling very happy with my new non walking sandals 🙂 the planks i got 2 days ago now belong to the camino. My boots a heavy burden were ‘forgotten’ a few days ago.. We have somehow managed to overtake Fran which doesn’t seem right as the man is a jack rabbit on this trek!

And we have landed on our feet again with the Albergue in Barbadelo 🙂 we are sitting on lounge chairs with an amazing view of the Galicia country stretched out before us sun shining cool breeze cold beer (literally as i just typed that Ally announces that she might do dry September when she is back… Too funny) and Eric is on a date – not a hiking one (I’m coming back in my next life as Eric) dinner is the hardest decision we have to make at the moment 🙂

I’ll let you know how we go…
Until then
Buen Camino

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  1. sue harris says

    Wow Kelly, we are following your every step. Some beautiful scenery. Kids couldn’t believe that you would get blisters until I remind them how far you are walking.
    looking forward to seeing you when you get back, maybe you might have to come to Rutherglen and talk about your adventure.

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